San Francisco’s Only Indoor Driving Range

We pride ourselves on making golf more convenient for you. That means positioning ourselves in a location where golf is typically inaccessible but also making it easy for you and your friends to play or practice at a moments notice. We strive to evolve your game by using the most accurate indoor launch monitors available. The correlation of indoor practice to lower scores outdoors has never been stronger. 

1 Player2-4 Playersw/ Value Card
First 30 minutes$30$60$20
Each additional 15 minutes$5$5$5

Membership Terms

  • Up to 3 of your friends can play on the same stall as you at a rate of $5 per 15 minutes for the group
  • If you visit outside of your “membership hours” you will only be charged Value Card pricing

Value Card Terms

  • Friends can use the stall with you for no extra charge.
  • Value Cards can only be used for 1 stall per visit.