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When Did You Last Re-grip Your Clubs?


The connection with the club is one of the most important parts of golf. When you grips start to wear down, your connection with the club begins to break down. We all want to be able to go out and feel confident over the ball, but it can be hard when the club doesn’t feel secure in your hand. This could be because of worn grips, wrong material grips, wrong sized grips or maybe we just caught a bad case of the shanks. Regardless of the reason for wanting to change your grips, the impact can be crucial to your game and hopefully your score!

You may have fallen in love with your grips, but they all wear with time causing us to lose the connection with the club. With the cold and rainy season approaching, it could be time to swap your grips for something that give you more traction in wet conditions. Worn grips and wet conditions are sure signs for a rough time! The last thing we want is for the club to slip out of our hands, especially if it goes further than the ball!

Golfers come in all shapes and sizes, so why should everyone play a standard sized grip? There are many options out there to find the perfect sized grip for you. Here, at Eagle Club, we have put grips of all sizes onto our clubs so you can get the real feel for what you prefer. And as an added bonus, our members also get to take advantage of free re-gripping fees!

Sometimes it’s not the grips fault we aren’t playing as well as we should. Admit it, we all have bad rounds! It’s when those bad rounds turn into bad weeks or months that we should start to worry. I don’t know about you guys, when I’m having a rough time, I just swap out my grips. It makes my clubs feel brand new and helps me regain confidence (and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying new clubs!).

So treat yourself this holiday season and get a grip on your clubs and your game.

For a complete list of grips available, visit: http://eagleclubig.com/regripping/

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