What happened?!

Golf is a funny sport. One day you can be playing great, turning in your card with a net 72 round, then less than 24 hours later you can’t get a ball more than 100 yards off the tee with a driver. 

This is a sport that challenges you mentally. You have to be prepared for that one bad shot and have a strategy to keep control of your negative emotions, otherwise, they will be in control of your game. A winner doesn’t win with anger in control of their game

Tension in the body leads to a host of changes in a swing (and usually, not for the better). Yesterday, I started out the round in 2nd place in my flight but couldn’t get any ball off the tee. I was prepared, and employed mechanisms to not let negative emotions take over. After a 100 yard drive, I’d say, “at least I’m not in a bunker or the other fairway or in the tree line”. Even letting go by saying, “It’s a gorgeous day and I’m here to just have fun”, can do wonders with your swing. (The people around you will enjoy your company more too!) This didn’t fix my swing, but it allowed me the space to accept my drives for what they were that day and to play smart in other areas. 

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that the swing you have is what you’ll have that day and it doesn’t mean you are a bad golfer or that you’ll have this same swing tomorrow. 

Even pro golfers have bad days and aren’t able to correct it mid-round. And some pro golfers let their emotions control their game after a blow up on a single hole. Take note of it next time while watching the pros, they could be logging pars and birdies on the front nine, but once they get that one bogey their score climbs. 

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