The Beginner Package

Eagle Club Indoor Golf is happy to announce a package for beginner golfers! We want you to tee it up and get involved with the game that we love so we’re lowing the barrier to entry and encouraging you to give it a shot.

This offering is designed for players with less than 6 months experience to get you started on the right track with a 1 or 2 month option.

With the 1 month package, we’ll help you build the foundations for grip, stance and setup and introduce you to the concepts of swing plane and ball striking (you will absolutely be hitting during these lessons!)
With the 2 month package, you’ll be on your way to having a solid swing that you can take to the course!

What’s the benefit of these packages? Oh, how we can count the ways.

  1. You save $50-$100+!
  2. Have someone you want to start golf with? Split the package!
  3. Professional expertise designed to give you a clear path to success
  4. Plenty of time to practice here at Eagle Club Indoor Golf on your schedule
  5. Use the time to play with some friends – whether they golf or not, have some fun with it!
  6. You’re absolutely allowed to drink during lessons!
  7. Eagle Club Indoor Golf is in a convenient location so you have no excuse to skip practice sessions
  8. Network with other golfers to find new friends
  9. Get free, used golf balls to take on real courses! Have fun out there, don’t worry about losing a $4 ball when you can lose a free one. Plus they’re the same ones you’ll practice with here at Eagle Club
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