Eagle Club Indoor Golf Moving Specials

Beginners and 25% Off Used Clubs
Great news if you’re getting into the game! We want lower your barrier to entry for getting involved in golf so we’re offering 25% discounts on used clubs when you participate* in the beginner package program.
*Club purchase must be within 2 months of your beginner’s package expiration.

Happy Hour!

3:00-5:30pm Mon-Thursday $2 beer specials!

Par 4 Specials

7-9pm every weekday and all day on weekends

4 craft beers (St. Archers White Ale, El Sully, Brew Free or Die IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or Anchor Steam) for only $13

4 PBR or Coors for only $12 

Range Specials

Start your day off right by getting your golf practice in before work! All stall times are 50% off between 7am-10am*.

Have a range card? It’s still 50% off! (Does not apply to the purchase of range cards)