//How to Practice When It’s Dark

How to Practice When It’s Dark

After Dark Hours

*Sunset times subject to change

Like many summer time activities, golf is more or less put on the back burner when daylight savings hits.  Darkness now comes just minutes after you typically get out of work, it’s colder, and then there’s the fall TV line up.  So how do you keep up with your game if there’s less daylight to practice?

Luckily, there’s a few options:

San Bruno driving range, which has an amazing short game area, is fully lit and open until 9pm.  You can get home, load up the car with your clubs and get out there to practice by 6 or so on a good day.

Eagle Club Indoor Golf is another option located in SF’s SoMa neighborhood (555 Howard Street, just between 1st and 2nd street).  With free club rentals, it’s easy to walk over from your office to practice on the range during lunch, for a quick meeting, or after work with friends.Driving Range Front Page

Both are great options depending on what you’re working on and your convenience preferences. There are a few other drivings ranges with lights such as Mariner’s Point, but they’re a little further away.

It’s also important to keep practicing during these darker months for other reasons.  Obviously you’ll be better than if you don’t practice, but this is also the time to make swing changes.  You typically play less rounds this time of the year so it gives you more time to practice your changes in between rounds to concentrate on the changes on the range rather than on the course.  You can also use the data provided by Eagle Club Indoor Golf’s launch monitors to see the effects of those swing changes by tracking your distances, spins, distances offline, averages, etc.

However, there’s also mental obstacles to overcome.  With less rounds being played, it’s harder to justify the practice time because we don’t experience the joy of playing as often so most of us tend to rationalize this as a reason not to practice.  This is the time of year to make the time-investment for your game, as difficult as it is to get past that mental block.  A decent complement (we’d never say it’s a replacement for actual course play), is to play courses indoors.  You can quickly hop on a course during your practice session and test out your new swing changes going from club to club in the context of a course.  Granted, you’re still going to have a mental wall about results, but at least that wall will be a little smaller by playing virtual courses.

Keep practicing, keep improving, keep playing.  Now is the time of year to do it!

Eagle Club Indoor Golf is San Francisco’s Urban Golf Getaway and only indoor driving range.  Stop by and see what we’re all about!

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