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Whether the golfer in your life is you, a friend, coworker, boss, spouse, parent, or child (21 or over), Eagle Club Indoor Golf offers many options to help them learn, practice, play, but most of all, enjoy the game of golf. 

Stall time

Value Cards – 

Pay discounted range time at $15 for the first 30 minutes, $3 per 15 minutes thereafter with no group pricing.  Depending on stall sessions, this card is the equivalent of ~ Six 30 minute sessions or almost five 1-hour sessions


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Beginner Packages 

Designed for golfers with less than 6 months of experience. The recipient will be entitled to two 30 minute lessons with Rob or Byron and 2 hours of practice time that can be split into 15 minute increments. Expires 1 month after first use. Savings: $80
It’s a great choice for getting involved with golf!