Make it Your Own

Make it your own

The golf swing is an awkward, mechanical process that is supposed to create something majestic. If you’re like most golfers out there, you know the awkward, mechanical process part and that’s about it.

Just ask Charels Barkley..


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The swing is violent forces clashing against each other timing out to one moment of pure power to crush a tiny object into the atmosphere and have it come crashing down to earth or to have it land softly on the green.  Whatever floats your boat I guess. Either way. You must swing to hit the ball. Well, how can we swing to hit the ball?

That’s a great question!

Only so many people can answer that and you will be lucky to find one early on in your life. Because the swing is not just something that is taught, it is something that is earned. Every little bit of it says something about you. Where you have been, who you listened too, and what you have been through. What tolls have been taken on your body and the tolls that have been taken on your mind. Your swing is isolated to yourself and your individual characteristics. Each injury you have sustained throughout your life will be on full display in your golf swing; the bad shoulder that you can’t put much force onto, the bad leg you don’t want to put weight on, and that bad back you’ve been bracing for your entire adult life. No matter the difficulties you have faced and will face, you still have a swing. A pretty swing or any ugly swing, it is still yours.

So why try and mimic someone else’s because it looks better? Because they get more power? Because they can get more spin?

Their swings all look different too. Do you see them trying to imitate each other?


Well, you’ve got more overtime hours than the pros did and that hurt your back. Some might even dare say you have a weak one.  That back isn’t weak, it’s stronger than anyone else’s because you have carried so much. You’ve carried yourself through school, carried yourself through minimum wage job, and you’ve carried your kids their whole life. So, use that strong back to your advantage. You can keep your swing short and sweet, but full of power. Power that may not yet be generated to the ball, but it’s in your arms and legs and body, it’s inside you.

Just ask this guy.


We all have enough power in us to be like DJ or McIlroy. It may not be pretty, it may not be effective, but to us, it is pure power. The Power of getting up each day and dealing with the day and what it brings. What you bring and what you lose will not forgotten on the course. It doesn’t matter what a professional golf swing looks like. Yeah, it’s pretty,  it’s powerful, it’s consistent, but it’s theirs. And, believe it or not, it’s just as strong as yours. That’s right. As strong as yours.

You have taken your entire life to build your swing. It shows who you are, where you have been, and how much you have carried along the way. That weight creates hunger in you. A hunger fed by mother nature with a taste of the morning dew and a bite of the sunrise. A whole chunk of the afternoon entirely eaten up because you worked hard your life and now find yourself hungry. 

Hungry for more than just a sport, but for a moment, a state of mind. For something that you can tell your buddies about and, if you’re lucky, your buddies experienced it with you.

Maybe some others found a swing before they found their swing. Maybe they found their swing young and worked on it. No matter the path that is taken a swing is born and nothing is better for a newborn swing than practice. Put it to work. Test yourself. See where you have been and what you have left in the tank. Then try and find your swing because it doesn’t matter how far your swing takes you, it’s where you take your swing. That is all that matters. Where will you go from now forward.  And this isn’t just for some people. Even the best players in the world have their faults and weaknesses. Their swing isn’t complete and never will be.


Will it ever be?

The moment you think you have everything figured out is the day you shoot both a high number and yourself in the foot

You can understand yourself and your swing but there is always going to be something yet to be learned. And don’t be afraid of it. It’s just one more step in the process of building your swing, of challenging yourself.

So build it. Build yours. Practice it. Live it, but most importantly play it. Don’t be afraid to carry the water, to drive the green, or attempt a flop shot over a bunker. Because each bunker and pond you come across is filled with the other memories that you have gathered along the way that have helped build your swing to overcome any obstacle. Each bunker or water hazard is full of memories, both good and bad, that amount to just one moment. A moment in which you build up and form a connection to create something of truely majestic.  A moment which goes beyond words and leaves you and everyone around you silenced in awe. A moment which can only be understood in language spoken through ball flight. Whether the ball flight is high and lands soft or is low with lots of spin, either way it’s on the green and enough has been said.

There is such much to a golf swing that is your own, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. Find someone who can help you along the way. A trained professional who asks what you do and what you are physically capable of. If they don’t ask they only have one thing in mind, and that’s fitting you into their mold and that isn’t right. Golf pros must know what you do and where you have been to understand what you can do and how to relate it. If they don’t ask this, kindly excuse yourself and find another. Don’t waste your money because they may waste your time. And if your time is not spent creating memories then they are depriving you of a moment. Find a pro who will help you along the way to find your swing. A swing that you can call your own. A swing that shows what you are capable of in life and not just a game. A swing that shows your determination and grit. A swing that you call your own.

 golf ninja swing GIF

People call me Stickman because I’m skinny as hell and work on clubs (probably just because I’m really skinny). But, Stickman isn’t a name it’s who I am. A stick. A living stick that you can tie in a knot and won’t break because I’ve got enough bunkers in my heart to kick my feet up on the beach of any hurricane. And the best advice I have ever received when it comes to the swing is to “stick it up” to make it my own. So to all you out there. Stick it up. Make it your own. Fill your own bunkers. Remember each blade of grass along the way and you can find yourself dancing on the green more than you will yelling on the tee box.


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