League Night!

We start Wednesday, January 18th at 6pm

Size: 6-14 teams
Team size: 2
Setup: Vegas Style
Putting: 4 foot gimmies
Course length: ~6300 yards
Holes: 9 holes
Length: 7 weeks + playoffs
When: Wednesday nights at 6:00pm starting January 18th
Price: $140/team
Specials: Drink specials every Wednesday for league participants!
Last day to join: Wednesday, January 18th


By popular request, we’re moving league nights back to a head to head format! Starting January 18th, you’ll play your own ball alongside your partner and your opponents as another team so you can socialize, laugh, cry, and experience every golf emotion and 4 letter word in urban dictionary (there is putting in this league, so, yep, you’ll hear them all)!


LAS VEGAS FORMAT: This Las Vegas game is played by one twosome against another. On each hole, the team players arrange their two scores to make the lowest possible two-digit number.

EXAMPLE: On team A, one member has a 4, and the other has a 5. The two-member team score for that hole would be 45. The points per hole are determined by the difference between the 2 teams scores. If team A scores 45 and team B scores 55, then the difference is 10 points 55-45=10. Thus, team A would win 10 points for the hole.

RULES: Each week, teams will play head to head. It will be 9 holes per round. There will be 7 weeks, and playoffs thereafter. The top 4 teams with the highest cumulative points after week 7, will go to the playoffs. Essentially, there will be no winner after each round and week. Instead, your focus of intent will be based on gathering the highest points possible each week to make the top 4 and playoffs.

*GAMBLE: If you have points in your bank during a round as well as the other team, you can mutually agree with the team you are playing to place a bet on a hole.
**Poker chips will be provided 🙂

EXAMPLE: Team A has 30 points in their bank, and team B has 50 points in their bank. On the 8th hole, team A offers to put 20 points on the hole and team B agrees to put 20 points as well. Winner of that hole gets the points. Loser loses their points from the bank on that hole.

PUTTING: To make things easier, putting will be given at 4FT. gimmies.


  • Grounding a club in a sand trap will result in a 1 stroke penalty
  • Wednesday nights at 7pm starting January 18th. Don’t be late!
  • You must keep score on a league scorecard

Points: They carry over week to week so you can build them up

Why join our tournaments? Because you can’t play these in tournaments anywhere else with such ease!  Tournaments on an actual course take days while tournaments with Eagle Club Indoor Golf take only a few hours spread out over a month.   Closest to the hole and longest drive tournaments are not done on a regular basis at other ranges, if at all.  Many of our customers have said that these tournaments help improve their game because each shot must be thought out and executed.  The additional pressure mimics situations on a real golf course so that when the time comes, you’re ready.  No where else can you participate in such competitions so regularly.