Its the Clubs Fault

Have you ever gone into a golf retail store wanting to hit a new set of clubs that just came out, only to be disappointed when they start spraying all

over the place? I mean, I heard they are supposed to be the latest and greatest in technology and they look badass, why isn’t it working for me? Is the launch monitor incorrect? Maybe these clubs aren’t really that great? Or even worse… maybe our swings aren’t that great. Come on guys, we are golfers here. Bad shots are never our fault. It’s always the bad lie, the crappy golf ball we were using, the idiot yelling a few holes over from us, or it’s just the club’s fault. Wait a second, that sounds about right. It’s the clubs fault! This may be truer than you think or tried to make others believe. The new clubs that you were hoping would solve all your problems may not be the proper set up for you.

What does that even mean, “set up”? You mean, how we address the ball?

Nope, it means how the clubs are built for your swing. How they are set up with different shafts, lie angles, grips, weights, and everything else the common golfer doesn’t want to think about or doesn’t believe they are good enough to have an effect.

Well folks, your clubs’ set up could be the reason why your scores have been getting higher while our hopes have been getting lower.

So, how do we solve this problem?

The answer is simple, and it’s not to drink more beer, its to get custom fit. And not just the basic steps of getting stiff or regular shafts, go through the whole process. Have a trained professional help you out. You go to professionals when you need your car fixed or if you are sick. Why not see a fitting professional when your clubs need a tune up or if your scores are starting to make you sick?

The two main reasons for people to avoid a custom fitting is that they believe they aren’t good enough or that it would cost too much. Let’s attack these two problems so we can all go flag hunting this Sunday. 

According to Bob Van Sweden, Taylormade National club-fitter of the Year in 2009, “the higher the handicap, the more necessary it is for that player to get fit”. I couldn’t agree more. Why not utilize every tool available? Especially one with a high ROI for your game.

Our clubs can limit our game by causing horrendous shots. If shafts are too weak the ball will jump left and right of your target at the wrong trajectory and spin out of control. If the shafts are too stiff then we will be falling onto our back foot trying to get the ball in the air. Going beyond just the stiffness of the shaft, we can get into lie angle. Simply bending the clubs lie angle’s upright or flat changes the way your club interacts with the ground. Lie angles that are too flat can lead to fades while lie angles that are too upright can lead to hooks. Once your clubs are bent to the right lie angles you’ll experience far less toe heavy shots or times when the heel digs into the ground causing the face to come flying shut.  Remember guys, it’s the clubs fault, not ours! As far as it being expensive. Yes, there are fitting fees which vary from place to place and for which clubs you are getting fit. The good news is that if purchase your clubs through your fitter, the fees are usually waived. Meaning that IT’S FREE. Yes, free. You are going to see this word a few more times by the end of this article.

Now that we understand the price of the fitting, what about the price of the clubs? Surely, custom fit clubs can’t be affordable? Wrong and don’t call me surely. Many club companies are expanding their selection of shaft and grip options. This is taking our previous idea of what a stock shaft is and molding it into something better. Let’s get rid of our previous notions of stock and replace it with something loved by everyone, stock that’s customized to me. Custom fitters now have a wide range of upgrades that allow you to find the perfect fit to your game at no extra expense. Yes, there are upgrades that will bring the price up, but the selection of free upgrades gets larger with each new club line. Meaning that a customized set of clubs is more accessible to you and your bag. You’re going to love your new set of clubs, maybe a little too much. 

What does all of this mean in the long run? That the new lines of clubs that we have had our eyes on can and should be custom fit to your swing. That way the clubs that you were so confident about before hitting can still inspire confidence when you’re staring down the fairway and tenaciously hunting the flag.

Yeah, this one is going down the center alright. Crushed it.

The only problem? You are going to have to find another excuse for a bad shot because it certainly won’t be your clubs.

– Stickman

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