Hole Out Challenge

Here at Eagle Club Indoor Golf, we’re always trying to think of new ways to keep your practice sessions relevant to your game outside.  To help accomplish this, we’re bringing back the hole-out challenge to showcase some of the features at Eagle Club Indoor Golf that you may not be aware of.  olympic 2

How do I participate?

Simple, you practice like your normally do on the driving range, but this time you’ll be in the context of a course.  Just hole-out from at least 75 yards and you win! There are no extra costs, in fact, it’s only benefits for you (see below)!  Book your tee time now!

How does this help my game outside?

For each challenge we’ll choose a hole on one of our 30 courses that has characteristics similar to holes from around the bay area so you’ll be able to transfer shots from inside of Eagle Club Indoor Golf to shots you’re making outside.  This will help your game for the following reasons:

  • You’re now going to think about where you want to land your shot, which typically isn’t your goal on the range
  • By adding a target for your shot, aiming is more relevant, which most of us don’t do on the range
  • You can add additional shots to your arsenal, increasing your confidence on the course.  Example, a draw might not be the play if the flag is on the right side of the green, so instead, you’ll want to hit a fade into the green.
  • By using the ball you use on a course, you can see how it will react to your different shots.  This is particularly helpful with side spin on your longer irons and back spin on your shorter (both are increased with control balls vs. distance balls). For example, your cut shot in here with a distance ball might turn into a slice with a ProV1, though it will depend on an individual’s swing, of course.

IMG_2292 Contextual shots translate to similar shots out on the course.  By being able to hit the shot over and over, you can really see what happens with your different types of shots.  Your course management, confidence, distance from the pin, and your game will all improve as a result.

Will the ball I use matter?

Absolutely, check our our previous blog post using a regular range ball vs. a high end ball. We do sell Grade A ProV1s and ProV1Xs on site. $2 for 1, $9 for 5, $20 for 12, or $60 for 48.

What do I win? (Prizes vary each challenge depending on difficulty of the hole)

Automatic Prizes:
75+ yard hole-out = A free beer!

 Longest Hole-Out Prizes:

  • 1st Place: $55 range credit
  • 2nd Place: $30 range credit
  • 3rd Place: $15 range credit
  • You may hold multiple places should you hole out more than once! Win it all!

Current Standings

1. Simon E – 109 yards
2. Stuart B – 100 yards
3. Chase B – 27 yards

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From 12/1/15 – 12/31/15 we’re traveling to Royal Birkdale hole #8!  With a back pin placement and a relatively flat green, you can work many different shots into this pin.  Hit it short and let it roll in, hit it long and spin it back.  Many options for all skill levels!

Watch this video on how to setup the shot:


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