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A Guide to Shopping for your Golfer this holiday season

The holidays are fast approaching and that golfer in your life can sometimes be difficult to shop for. We’ve asked some of the golfers here at Eagle Club Indoor Golf to list some of the things they would want as a gift. Front
1) Gift certificates to Eagle Club Indoor Golf (it’s what our customers like,  we can’t argue with them). Check out our online store for many great gift options!

2) Golf lessons.  Why? Almost everyone needs some help with their swing every once in awhile. First, you should find out if they’re currently taking lessons.  It can be a difficult thing to change pros or learn from 2 different pros (it leads to too many thoughts).  The two pros at Eagle Club Indoor Golf (learn more about Rob and Courtney) are amazing teachers and can help anyone get their swing going!  Our online store has lesson packages available.

3) Regripping, regrooving or repair services. Why? New clubs aren’t always needed, sometimes you just need to give your current clubs a little TLC. Eagle Club Indoor Golf now offers convenient regripping for the golfer in your life! Since we’re located in downtown San Francisco, there’s easy drop off and pickup. Find out more

4) Clothes! Want your golfer to look stylish on the course? Check out a new, local company designing some very stylish lines of clothing that are functional as well! State Apparel: http://stateapparel.com/ Be sure to use discount code: Eagle20 for 20% off your order


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5) We suggest avoiding getting your golfer new clubs. Why? Unless you know exactly what your golfer wants/needs, we golfers are a finicky group regarding the equipment we’re using. Instead of new clubs, we suggest getting your golfer a gift certificate for a club fitting at Kepler’s Golf. They have tons of options to fit your golfer with the best set. http://www.keplersgolf.com/



s3 gps

6) Range finder tech. Why? One of the most difficult things to do on a course is figure out distance to the green, to the pin, etc, and even keep track of your shots. Some popular tech out right now is the Garmin S1 Watch ($129) that is more of a sports watch with golf GPS built in, the Garmin S3 GPS ($129) which is a more specialized watch for golf that includes scorekeeping, images of greens, savable data points. Another highly touted piece of tech comes from Game Golf (an SF based company no less!) that tracks shots and allows golfers to analyze their game after the fact, which is an important step in improving ($200). Check out GolfMart in San Bruno or Walnut Creek, or golfgalaxy.com or amazon.com for some great deals. 

7) Goofy clubhead covers! We’re fans of having fun on the course so why not have a little fun with club head covers, which is one of the few ways golfers can express their personalities in their game. It’s a gift that won’t affect their game but can help relieve stress in a stress filled game! Head over to Kepler’s and choose from their multitudes of headcovers. $19.99-$24.99 http://www.keplersgolf.com/

8) A new, comfortable bag. Why? We will wear the bag down until something breaks and then keep using it. Both Golfsmith and Kepler’s have a large selection of cart bags, stand bags, and travel bags that will fit the needs of your golfer. ($29.99-$229.99)

9) Golf balls. Why? We lose plenty, we can always use more. Try finding out what ball your golfer loves (look in their golf bag), but the most popular are ProV1s from Titleist ($40 per dozen). Both Kepler’s and Golfsmith have a large selection of golf balls from which to choose.

10) Knickknacks. Why? They’re always useful and good for stocking stuffers.  Tees, ball markers, gloves, a good towel, or a good koozie to keep beverages insulated on the course.

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  1. Max Peterson June 2, 2015 at 11:06 AM - Reply

    Helpful blog. Actually I am looking for a golf rangefinder (laser/GPS) which would be good, attractive, usable and in low budget as a present. Please suggest me one of the best golf rangefinder.Thanks for this blog.

  2. Silva R. Jones June 15, 2015 at 7:20 AM - Reply

    Thanks for your advices. I’ll consider on next holiday vacation.

  3. James September 28, 2015 at 5:57 PM - Reply

    Thanks for post. This holiday I want to buy some golf lessons

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