Take Your Game to the Next Level with a Custom Fitting

We often see people going into the stores and buying off the rack clubs.  Club manufacturers are trying to sell the broadest markets possible so they “fit” their clubs to the largest populations to lower costs.  However, this also means that a regular shaft fits a broad swing speed.  For some people, this is fine.  But for anyone serious about taking their game to a higher level, a club fitting will have a positive impact on your game.What’s the point of spending $500 on a new set of clubs with the latest and greatest technology only to find out you shank with them because you didn’t get them properly fit (lie, loft, shaft weight, shaft length, grip size, kick point, etc etc)?

Not all club fittings are equal either. There are tons of after market shafts and specs that are tailored to specific needs and swing speeds but most retailers don’t or can’t carry them.  We are not like most retailers.  We put getting the right club in your hand rather than selling you the most clubs – it’s like we’re your retail club caddy.  When you combine our launch monitor technology at Eagle Club Indoor Golf with our shaft optimization tools for a customized fitting, you can leave with confidence in your game.

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