First Tee

First Tee

It’s early. I’ve been awake since before the sun came up. Waiting on the tee box for it to peek its head up to watch the first shot. Our own private gallery to help shine down on a new chrome soft. The breeze is cold and the air heavy with fog, chilling each of your layers to the core. Is it just the cold or maybe it’s the first tee nerves? Either way, it’s time to take your shot, before the tee box is reloaded with next round of early risers.

I’ll blame the cold for the breakfast ball, but the second is mine to eat.

The grass illuminated with the untouched dew, waiting for you to zig and zag your way across. Letting every follower know which path you took to get home, some more scenic than others. Regardless of the path, we all reach the same place. A place beyond where the ball ends up, but where it’s designed to take us.

Not all of us found the game in the same way. Some were born into it and many others had it creep into their lives later on. Golf allows us to geek out with the latest equipment, to travel to places that will take your breath away, and at times have one too many beers with the buds. Whatever you get out of the game, we are all willing to accept the challenge. To challenge others in a gentleman’s game, to challenge our own perseverance, and sometimes even our own sanity. Why play a game that more often than not, will punish you more than it will reward you? Both psychically and mentally. I have been paired up with men and women who disregard their injuries and put the pain aside because the feeling of a well-struck shot is enough medication to soothe their pains.  At that point, is it really just a game?

When I was asked to write blog articles for golf, it was supposed to be about the latest and greatest, the testing of new products, painting a picture of different golf courses, but yet these are the words that came out. Some people want the technical aspects of the game, some want to hear about the experience, some just want something to read in the bathroom. Either way, I was tired of the same script spewing mechanical jargon, I wanted something else. That’s what brought me to a memory of the first tee box, a single moment. After all, that’s what this game is, a serious of moments and memories that we won’t soon forget.

In these articles, I want to help guide you so you can skip right to your own moments. Don’t get me wrong, I will get technical at times. Hell, I might even talk your ear off about the specifics, but my end goal is to get you closer to making memories. To help you achieve that feeling of a club that’s fit for you, hitting a ball designed for you, on a course that’s been calling your name. It’s time to grip it and rip it, let it fly high and land soft, to go low, and to be better than you were the day before. Now, let’s tee off.

– Stickman

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