FAQs San Francisco’s Eagle Club Indoor Golf

What is indoor golf?
  • Indoor golf is swinging real clubs, hitting real balls into a net, and at Eagle Club Indoor Golf, viewing your results with analytical data on our 42” TVs.  We utilize Foresight Sports’ GC2  in measuring the impact of the ball and club to calculate accurate ball flight.  You can swing any club from drivers to putters.  By using these machines, we can create driving ranges where they were not possible before
Where can I park?
  • Street parking is available at $3.75/hr until 6:00pm from Monday to Sunday, and parking is free after 6:00pm. In addition, there are free 1 hour parking spots behind our building on Tehama street.
Why choose Eagle Club over a real range?
  • Our machines will give you more data about your ball flight than going to a real range.  You can then take this data and make adjustments to your swing.  Also, with real ranges you’re typically not hitting out to fairway type grass, if it’s grass at all.  With our machines, you can program in different conditions so that you can actually practice hitting onto a fairway to see roll, or practice hitting into the wind.  In addition to the driving range mode, our simulation software also allows you to play 18 holes on virtual courses modeled after famous courses such as Olympic Club!  You can also find that shot to an uphill green but can’t practice on a regular range.  Now you can find out what club to use rather than using your best guess on the course!  The possibilities are endless. 
How real is it?
  • We spent months searching for the most accurate, most realistic machines in addition to the best hitting mats; we believe we found the top of the line in both regards.  Tour players are using Foresight GC2’s to practice at home and our “Real Feel Golf Mats” are featured in country clubs and used by the top coaches around the country.  They provide the feeling of hitting off a fairway; you can actually take a divot without hurting your wrists and elbows unlike mats you’ll see at other ranges.
How do I sign up for reservations?
  • Please submit your name, email and desired username using this form for registration, and we will setup an account for you as soon as possible.  Once your account is created, you can make a reservation here.  Or you may call us at 415-795-4145 and we can setup the account for you over the phone.
Can I use my own clubs?
  • Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to bring your own clubs as we want you to practice how you play so your game improves.
What if I don’t have my clubs?
  • Not a problem! If you don’t have your own set of clubs or you didn’t bring them with you, we have Rocketbladez available.  Unlike your typical outdoor golf range, there’s absolutely no charge to use our complimentary clubs.
Do you carry women’s clubs or left handed clubs?
  • Yes! We do carry one set of RocketBladez women’s clubs and one set of left handed RocketBladez regular stiff clubs.  Both are first come first serve.  We do also carry lower end clubs should other sets not be available.
Can I use my own balls?
  • Of course! We encourage you to use the balls you play with on a real course so that you can accurately gauge distance with them.  If you don’t have golf balls with you, we have free ones you can use, or we have the higher-end-golf-balls-that-you’ve-always-wanted-to-try-but-never-wanted-to-buy-because-you’re-afraid-to-lose-them available for purchase. You can play a full 18 holes without losing one!
How do I sign up for a league?
  • It’s easy!  Leagues happen about 3 times a year and last for about 10 weeks with playoffs.  You can let us know you’re interested from our league page or in person on your next visit
How long will it take me to play 9 or 18 holes?
  • For the average player, 9 holes takes ~30 minutes per player, 18 holes takes ~60 minutes per player.  Not only is it convenient, but it’s far cheaper and faster to play 18 holes with us!  
What courses can I play?
  • We have two amazing packages with famous courses available for your enjoyment.  Please click here for more info.


How do I use the machines?
  • Our machines are very easy to use.  Because it’s probably a new experience for you, we suggest watching this short, tutorial video For more advanced users looking to maximize their experience, we suggest watching this videoWe’re also happy to give you a demonstration when you visit.
Are the mats realistic/forgiving?
  • Yes, we spent months researching and trying out mats to find the best possible ones.  The “Real Feel Golf Mats” have no bounce so you can take a realistic divot, put your own tee in the mat (tees will flight out like they do on the tee box so we suggest using the tees provided if you don’t want to lose your tees), and it’s soft enough so that you won’t hurt your wrists or elbows when you take a divot.  It actually feels good to hit on these mats!
Can I play with friends?
  • Absolutely!  Our stalls are situated in a manner so that you can play side by side and see each others shots or play on the same stall.  For a more intense experience, check out our full size simulator that can handle up to 6 players at once! If you have a group of 4 or more, we suggest playing on the simulator or in 2 stalls.  Please keep in mind, it does take about 1 hour per person per 18 holes so a 4-some will take about 4 hours to play depending on what game types you choose.
What should I wear?
  • While we don’t have an official dress code, we suggest that you wear your normal range or course attire.  If you’re not a golfer, wear something comfortable as it does get warm.  However, close toed shoes are required.
What data can you send me?

Our machines will give you various useful data such as:

  • ball speed
  • club head speed
  • left-to-right spin
  • right-to-left spin
  • backspin
  • carry distance
  • roll distance
  • launch angle
  • And more!


How do I interpret the data?
  • There are several ways you can use the data depending on your level of skill and what you’re trying to accomplish.  For example, you can interpret the launch direction (azimuth) in combination with side spine to get a better idea of what your swing path and club face look like at impact.  You can find out which of your balls provides more backspin so you know which ball to use on a par 3.  When using your driver, you can play around with ball position to find that perfect launch angle for hitting into a headwind. 
Can I save the data?
  • Yes, please watch this tutorial “coming soon” on how to save your data.  You can send it to yourself to review later also. 
Can I practice any shot I want?
  • Yes and no.  We should be able to find the shot you’re wanting to practice on one of the several courses we offer, but other factors like slope, lie, or rough/sand are not completely replicable.  We are exploring some options to help with balls positioned below your feet, which is very common on courses in the bay area.  We’re also looking into realistic rough so you can improve your game for when your ball hits a sprinkler head and bounces into the rough.   
Can I use training aids?
  • Yes, we even have a few on hand that you can use free of charge.  However, please remember that the impact is read by a machine so the training aid cannot interfere with it if you’d like an accurate reading for ball flight.