Eagle Club Hosts Monthly Women Only Night

This year at Women’s golf day (June 6, 2017), I celebrated one year of friendship with this gal. We met at the 2016 Women’s Golf Day as beginner golfers and instantly bonded over our addiction to golf. Without women only events, like Women Golf day, I wouldn’t have met the wonderful women golfers I now know and can call up anytime for a casual round. 

From the women golf day website:

Women’s Golf Day is a one day event for females to engage in golf.

This is an opportunity for any girl or woman to try golf for the first time in a fun, non-intimidating environment alongside existing golfers.

For those who want to connect with other women golfers more than once a year, Eagle Club provides this opportunity on a monthly basis. Eagle and Women with Drive (WWD) host a women only mini-meet once a month where beginners and advanced golfers can connect, practice together at Eagle Club in SF, hear about upcoming WWD destination retreats/events, as well as make plans to meet up during other times of the month. 

For more information: check out the events section and Eagle Club’s meetup.com

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