DISH is an organization that’s been providing an effective solution to homelessness since 2006. By investing in people, they’re able to provide 450 residents with the means to get back on their feet. Is it a quick solution? No. Is it efficient? Who knows. But, if you’ve ever read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you know that when you’re dealing with people, you need to be effective, not efficient.

We encourage you to visit their “Everyone Deserves a Home” Exhibit to possibly change your perception about homelessness, less so about the problems, but to refocus on the solutions to ending it.

Eagle Club Indoor Golf will be sponsoring DISH in their annual fundraising bash in September through a monetary donation and donations for their silent auction. You can help support DISH when you visit Eagle Club! We are accepting donations for DISH in lieu of tips (read more on that here) where every dollar adds up (in Q1, customer donations accounted for $5000 of the $10000 we raised for the End the Backlog campaign!). By providing monetary support to DISH, we can help them continue a highly effective mission for ending homelessness in San Francisco.

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