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Eagle Club Indoor Golf Regripping

Don’t let worn out grips ruin your game. Check out our guide for when you know it’s time to regrip.

We offer fast, convenient, and affordable regripping services here at Eagle Club Indoor Golf. Located in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood, we open as early as 7am so you can drop off your clubs before work and pick them up as late as 9pm!

If your grips of choice are in stock, we offer 24 hour turn around times, or 48 business hour turn around times if we’re out of stock. Are your clubs getting tired? Be sure to check out our repair services and clubs for sale!

Demo Grips – Want to try out a grip?

Eagle Club Indoor Golf is one of the few grip retailers where you can actually take a few swings with the grip of your choice! Our on-site rental sets have a variety of Lamkin, Winn, and Golf Pride grips for you to try and if the one you want isn’t on a club, let us know, we’ll gladly put it on one for you to try out. Our goal is to ensure that you’re happy with your purchase! We can help with everything from driver to putter.

Give us a call to order ahead of time: 415-795-4145

1-3 Clubs


4-8 Clubs


9-14 clubs


Club Repair at Eagle Club Indoor Golf

Shaft Installation







Shaft Manipulation









Loft/Lie Adjustment










Shaft Installation Pricing
Iron $20 (add $3 for bored through irons)
Woods $25 (add $3 for bored through woods)
Driver $30 (includes hosel adapter)
Shaft Manipulation Pricing
Lengthen $10           
Shorten $9
Remove $8
Re-set $11 
Loft/Lie Pricing
Measure $3                                     
Iron (no forged irons) $6
Putter (if possible) $12
Hybrid (if possible) $12
Wood (if possible) $20

Eagle Club Indoor Golf is conveniently located in downtown San Francisco at 840 Folsom (in between 4th and 5th street). We have very liberal hours for a repair facility, open 7 days a week, 7am-9pm Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm Sat/Sun. Drop off your clubs for servicing before you go into work and pick them up on your way home without too much worry for our hours. 

General turn around time is 24-72 hours depending on the scope of work and part availability. Feel free to email us: for more information or call: 415-795-4145

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